Where Is Scrapbook Bex?

Hi there scrapbookers,

Thank you all so much for sticking with me in my time of transition. 

Currently I am in the process of a big move around in my crafting area. I have pretty paper and embellishments everywhere. On the one hand it’s very pretty, but it’s also frustrating to see all the things I can’t use.

As a result of this my YouTube channel output has suffered. I am hoping to restart creating as soon as possible because I’m really missing it.

Thanks for being patient, subscribing, liking, commenting and for all of the support. 

And if you haven’t seen my channel yet, please take a look at ‘Scrapbook Bex’.

Love and crafty cuddles,

Scrapbook Bex.





2 thoughts on “Where Is Scrapbook Bex?

  1. Hi there mum. loving your layouts. I’m proud of you. I’m following you on your website. It gave me a link saying +follow on it.

    Love you lot’s
    From Maxwell Ashley Snow
    Sent at 🕛 twelve o’clock

    Liked by 1 person

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