Scrapbooking This Side Of The Pond


I  live in the UK and I scrapbook.

We are not as rare as one might think.

Britain is generally thought to be a nation of cardmakers.

If you look on the crafting TV channels, 99% of the time you will find the shows are for cardmakers. Scrapbooking is featured very occasionally.

I do make cards, but these tend to be for something specific rather than on mass.

We do not have any dedicated scrapbooking magazines. We used to, but over time these have fallen away. There is an abundance of craft magazines, but again these are generally cardmaking based.

Yet we are here, scrapping away happily.

Using Crate Paper’s Wonder collection and paint splatters.

Facebook and other social media platforms have been a good tool for networking among scrappers. Crafting can be such a lovely way to socialize, but many areas do not have a dedicated crop or retreat.

I’m the kind of person who can talk endlessly about scrapbooking. Talk about products, talk about designers, about techniques I’ve seen recently etc.

But unless it’s via a keyboard, I don’t get to talk about it at all. My husband ooh’s and ah’s in the right places, but its not the same.

Even though I live in a big town, we do not have a Hobbycraft store. Believe me, I have emailed them regularly with suggestions of empty buildings and new retail parks opening in the area!

We do have the Range and a small independent store but scrapbooking is not a prominent feature in either of them.

There are, however, some good online stores stocking all the big American brands, but its not the same as holding the product in your hand and browsing the store.

My scrapping lifeline: Products sent by UK based kit club –

Shops, magazines, TV channels, please note:

We are here. We scrapbook. We share enthusiasm. Occasionally we get to meet other scrapbookers at crops or retreats.

Please don’t ignore us. We are a spendy breed. We so easily part with our money if you dangle something shiny at us.

Scrapbooking in the UK is an expanding marketplace and will be healthy for as long as there is pretty paper.

Love and crafty cuddles,

Scrapbook Bex.


16 thoughts on “Scrapbooking This Side Of The Pond

  1. Wendy

    I echo most of this! I don’t know anyone else who scrap books in ‘real life’, and appreciate the Facebook group to which I belong hugely. I’m not sure, however, that you are missing out very much by not having a Hobbycraft store – ours, certainly, is quite pathetic.

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  2. Theresa

    I too am a scrapbooker this side of the pond but I am finding mostly card makers around me also. I love creating pages for all my special photos. I would love to see a good scrapbooking magazine on the shelves again! I miss them! I also make cards but as you when I need them.

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  3. I too am a scrapbooker on this side of the Pond. I came from Canada so it has been very hard adjusting to the lack of supplies. I do have Craft World warehouse here which has some stuff but still I have to shop online and it just isn’t the same.

    Thank you for your post – we are here!

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  4. Rebecca

    It’s great we have online stores but the not being able to look at the item first and waiting for it to arrive sucks. I preferred the UK publications of scrapbooking magazines because although I have ordered an Australian copy from an online store I still liked all the ads from the UK stores as well in the English magazines

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  5. I feel your pain Bex, I’m a UK scrapper too, have been for over 10 years and it’s been so disappointing to see all our homegrown scrapbooking magazines fold, almost no stash to see for real before buying, and even fewer crops.
    Over the years I have attended many crops, again almost all have ceased to be. I talk to card makers and they all seem to say,”I like the idea of scrapbooking, but haven’t had a go, I wouldn’t know where to start .” Really, it’s not too different to cardmaking in terms of skill. Ho hum, still love scrapping, and I will keep ploughing on. ( Dare not stop really, as I have so much stash to get through!)


  6. I agree with this and that’s who shared it. I always wanted to be able to purchase the American crafts as over here the choice of materials was always limited.
    That’s my main aim for turtle crafts – a place to order the American items without paying through the roof.
    Check us out on

    Still early days so keep checking back!


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