Double Sided Paper, Double Sided Layout?

All scrappers will face this conundrum at some point:

Double sided paper.

Fabulous A side, fabulous B side. Sometimes we hoard that piece of paper for months, not being able to choose which side to use.

The gorgeous 'A' sides of Maggie Holmes' new Shine Collection.
The gorgeous ‘A’ sides of Maggie Holmes’ new Shine Collection.

See what I mean? I look at those wonderful papers and instantly have ideas. Then look on the reverse and pause. Maybe this side would be better?

The equally beautiful 'B' sides of Maggie Holmes' Shine collection.
The equally beautiful ‘B’ sides of Maggie Holmes’ Shine collection.

I regularly can’t decide. I often hear other crafters saying the same. On YouTube haul videos and blogs I hear those hard decisions being made all the time.

Have you ever considered using both sides? I’m not talking buying another sheet here, I’m talking about scrapping on both sides of the same sheet.

As long as you plan each layout and the placement of each element then this is completely doable.

I mean it!

Elements like brads and stapling need to be taken into consideration, if  you plan to use them. But these can still be carefully covered over by a cluster on the other side.

I had this conundrum recently when using the Wonder collection from Crate Paper. A lovely sheet of garlands and a lovely sheet of pink on the opposite side.

“Oh Crate, why did you do this to me!”

I didn’t want to cut into the sheet, to me both of them suited being a full background sheet by themselves. So eventually I decided to scrap on both sides. I think it worked out quite well and I will be doing it again.

The 'A' side.
The ‘A’ side.
The 'B' side.
The ‘B’ side.

You really can’t tell that there’s a layout on each side of the paper. I’ve stamped, glued, used mists and the like and it has not harmed the opposite layout.

There are some benefits to doing this. You don’t have to buy another sheet, leaving you spare cash to perhaps get another paper from the collection. You may not believe this, but it is actually lighter in your album and takes up less bulk.

The completed layouts are surprising lightweight, making your albums weigh less!
The completed layouts are surprising lightweight, making your albums less bulky! This is the profile of my two layouts!

When sticking down items like enamel dots, or anything 3D, you may want to consider putting those on last so that you can work flat on the other side.

Put 3D elements on the layout last so that you can work flat on the other side too.
Put 3D elements on the layout last so that you can work flat on the other side too.
Placing heavier elements like wooden words has not affected the other side.
Placing heavier elements like wooden words has not affected the other side. Neither has the misting and stamping.


I hope you consider this method next time you have this scrappers dilemma!

Love and crafty cuddles,

Scrapbook Bex.


Craft Haul

Oh dear!

I visited TK Maxx this week. It seems they’re stocking up on craft supplies again. I was weak, I couldn’t resist!

I had seen on Facebook that people had been lucky recently on visiting their local store, so I popped in on the off chance. I thought I would be safe as our store doesn’t usually have many craft things. I didn’t even pick up a basket!

As I walked up to the paper aisle I saw a lady restocking the shelves. And yes: I was that person picking things up faster than she could put them down!

I saw paper pads, I saw brads, I saw embellishments, I saw stamps…

Amy Tan, Dear Lizzy, Heidi Swapp, Pink Paislee, We R Memory Keepers, Snap, My Mind’s Eye, American Crafts, Studio Calico, Recollections, Maggie Holmes…..

What’s a girl to do??!!

TK Maxx haul, October 2015.
TK Maxx haul, October 2015.

As you can see, this girl couldn’t resist!!

One of my favourite purchases were some We R Memory Keepers pocket page cards, birthday ones. Always useful. Also various roller phrase stamps, I am really in to these at the moment. I may have squeaked a little in store when I saw them…Other people get THAT excited don’t they??

Have you checked out your local TK Maxx? I highly recommend it. Great brands are available at bargain prices! Those pocket page cards were only £3.99!

Ok, I have to go and find storage space for all those new yummy supplies.

Love and crafty cuddles,

Scrapbook Bex.

10 Ideas For Finding Your Way Out Of A Scrapbook Rut!

Just lately I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut.

Well a lot of a rut actually, but you get my drift!

Life has been a bit rough and my creative juices said bye-bye. Scrapbooking has been both the last thing on my mind and also the thing I’ve wanted to do most in order to escape life’s stresses.

Yet, every time I’ve entered my craft room I’ve felt completely uninspired.

Today I decided to think positively. I went in the craft room and found my way out of my scrapbooking rut. I have come up with 10 ways that may help you to do the same:

  1. Think positively. I walked in to my room with zero expectations. I realized I’d been putting myself under pressure to be creative and that’s never going to produce good work. Even if I’d managed to create a layout I would have undoubtedly hated the result and been even more disheartened than I was to start with.
  2. Do an unrelated crafty task. I picked up an unused sheet of acetate tags and cut them up. Seeing and handling the tags started little thoughts of what papers and photos it would match etc…
  3. Look through your photos. I have my photos printed up and store them in photo boxes. Looking at a computer screen to see my photos doesn’t inspire me. Having printed examples lets me match the colours up to papers and embellishments. Sometimes just popping a photo onto a piece of paper is all it takes.
  4. Go back to a favoured collection or kit. I had a new and untouched kit ready to go, but sometimes that first cut just won’t happen. I went back to my previous kit, “Oh So Lovely” by featuring Crate Paper’s ‘Wonder’ collection. The last layouts I made were from this kit and I had enjoyed it. So I decided to revisit the kit to see if I could get going.
  5. Have a tidy. Now, we all have days where all we do is move things around and reorganize our craft space, without getting any real crafting actually done. This can be counter-productive. But in times of zero inspiration, sometimes going through your stash or clearing an area big enough to actually craft in can help.
  6. Have a clear out. I have to admit I’m not one who easily parts with their prized stash. But I also should admit to having a lot of stuff. For some of us having huge amounts of stash can be daunting. How about clearing out all those things you eagerly bought as a beginner but in reality, now that you are more aware of what you actually use, will never touch again?
  7. Scraplifting. Searching the internet on sites like Pinterest can definitely work out to be counter-productive. We can all find hours have gone by while pinning ideas to various boards, without getting those ideas anywhere close to actually being produced. Step away from the internet for a short time. How about looking through an old book or magazine? Better yet, scraplift yourself! Have you created a layout that you instantly loved or have had many people admiring? You can do it again! Sometimes we just need a starting point, you may find that you start out by scraplifting and end up with a different layout altogether. The point is you have made something.
  8. Tell a story. Is there something on your mind? You don’t need to have a photo to tell a story. Use your art as a kind of therapy. Are you grieving? Maybe make a layout of happy memories. Are you deciding whether to go back to work after having a baby? Make a page of pros and cons. Who says this has to wind up in your scrapbook? Although you may find it an interesting memory in years to come.
  9. Stop guilt tripping. Scrapbooking is a fun hobby, yes? We are not supposed to be a slave to our crafting. Go outside and take some new photos. Is the season bringing a change of colour? Falling leaves, puffy white clouds, Xmas lights in windows? Has it been a while since you had a new photo of a family member? Combine a visit with a mini photoshoot.
  10. Blast those tunes! If in doubt, play a CD you know every single word to. Those kinds of songs that you can’t help but sing along to. Let the good vibes flow and see where it takes you. Hopefully it takes you to a new layout! This often works for me.
Today's post rut layout!
Today’s  layout!
Elements all from my last Like For Ever kit.
Elements all from my last Like For Ever kit.
This was an exciting time. I decided to scrapbook it by going through my photo box and finding a picture I felt enthusiastic about.
I went through my photo box and found  a picture I felt enthusiastic about.
It all started by cutting up those acetate tags!
It all started by cutting up those acetate tags!

I hope you manage to find your way through your particular rut and get back to productive and enjoyable scrapbooking.

Love and crafty cuddles,

Scrapbook Bex.