Photos are memories.

Why did you just press ‘capture‘ on that camera?

Did you want to remember that moment, gift, person? What then happens to that picture? Do you share it on social media, keep it in your phone gallery, upload it to your computer?

How many of those photos have made it to a printer?

Surprisingly little?

In this digital age we have so many devices that we can take photos with. Digital cameras, tablets, phones etc. Pictures are instant. I’m from a generation that took photos on a roll of film and only got to see the image when the roll was complete and ready to be processed. It seems a forgotten treat to hold and appreciate a printed photograph in the hand.

I like to embrace all the wonderful things about going digital along with all the charms of the past.

Those pictures we take on our various technology devices often get left behind when we inevitably upgrade. But if that moment in time was worth taking a picture of, please don’t let it languish, long forgotten about. You may not want to go as far as scrapbooking it, but why risk losing it forever?

Even photos that can seem pretty meaningless or frivolous at the time, can become a link to a memory that makes you smile years after it the picture was taken.

Perhaps next time you press ‘capture‘ think about why you are taking that photo, what about that moment makes it worth remembering? Then maybe, just maybe, you could print it out to put into an album.

Love and crafty cuddles,

Scrapbook Bex.


4 thoughts on “Photos are memories.

  1. Loving the blog… you are so right ~ my mum really misses all the photos people used to share with her, there’s still a lot to be said for the physical, especially if (like my mum) you aren’t very technically minded and/or never interact on a digital level. Happy blogging x

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  2. Yes my mum misses all my photos now I print less. I am trying to readdress that and as I love making books I am getting back into the habit of making them for other people. Once that was what I did most, then I realised I gave them all away and had no keepsakes of my own! Time to readdress the balance and a thoughtful post and reminder. What worries me is when computers as we know it are superseded. Just look at cassette tapes and videos. I would have far too many photos to have copied into another format – time to start printing more me thinks, while I can!!

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